“Playtime” is the unit of measure by which you consume upload limits and download limits within your account:

  • Upload Playtime” refers to the playtime limits within which you can upload videos during a given accounting period. 
  • Download Playtime” refers to the playtime limits within which you can download motion capture files during a given accounting period.

We calculate “playtime” as the actual duration in time of the “live action” scene contained in the video you upload.  In other words, “live action playtime” is equal to the actual time it took to record the video.

The vast majority of all videos play back at the same “live action” speed at which they were recorded.  However, there are some limited exceptions:

  • Accelerated playback: Our algorithms are designed to detect accelerated playback of live action content. If a video runs at an accelerated playback speed, we may (but are not obliged to) reject the scan or scale the speed back down to actual live action playtime to ensure the correct playtime is counted against the playtime limits applicable within your account.
  • Decelerated playback (slow motion): Our algorithms are unlikely to consistently detect decelerated playback of live action content — sometimes described as “slow motion” (or “slo-mo”). If we don’t detect that content playback has been decelerated, the playback time for such content will be greater than its live action playtime, and such greater playback time will then be counted against the upload and download capacity limits applicable within your account. We are not responsible for detecting decelerated playback times, nor are we obligated to adjust the playtime counted against your upload and/or download capacity limits before, during or after a video is processed.