If the desktop app is not running well, that’s likely due to your machine making insufficient processing power available.  That can be down to your hardware and software environment (see other FAQs on that topic).

But you can always take steps to ensure you get the best possible performance out of your hardware.  Here are some tips:

  • MacOS: run fullscreen or in reduced window size: to improve performance, we recommend that: (1) you run the app in either fullscreen or, (2) if running windowed, you reduce the window size.  That’s because MacOS reserves more resources for apps running in fullscreen.  If you’re running a “windowed view”, the app receives fewer resources, which means you should reduce its window size
  • Windows: reduce window size: since Windows does not reserve more resources for fullscreen views, we recommend you reduce the window size to improve performance
  • Close other apps: close any other apps which require significant computational and memory resources – these include games, video apps, film / TV, computer graphics software, video editing software, image rendering software and others along those lines
  • Web browsers: Close any unused web browser windows and tabs
  • Reduce screen resolution: the higher your resolution, the higher the demands on your machine rendering 3D imagery.  Reduce your screen resolution for better performance
  • Video player: don’t play videos, either in an app or through a browser, while running the RADiCAL desktop app – it will likely divert resources away
  • Hidden apps & processes: Lastly, check in your activity monitor (or task manager) if any other apps or processes are using significant resources –  if you can, close those apps or processes