Update your results with the latest AI (version 3.1.11 and onwards).

Starting with version 3.1.11 of our AI, most common hunching issues should no longer be occurring. We recommend you update your results to the latest AI with a single click:

Background (limited to AI up to version 3.1.10):

Some users experience results that show the virtual character in an unnatural, forward-hunched position, inconsistent with the actor’s pose and motion.  Where this problem appears, it is evident as early as during the T pose calibration phase. If you see this happening, it is likely because the scene was filmed with an excessive and uneven amount of dead space above or below the actor. This is most common to videos recorded in portrait mode.

In older versions of the AI (up to version 3.1.10), it was essential that in the frame, the spaces above the actor and below the actor are equal. For those older versions of the AI, we recommended you film your scenes with:

(1) your camera oriented in landscape mode; and

(2) the actor placed firmly at the vertical center of the frame.

If you’re working with pre-recorded videos, we recommend you crop the dead space out of the video.  We like to use this free tool (but there are many others): https://ezgif.com/crop-video