You should use record videos in landscape mode, to avoid common errors and ensure best results. Our AI is currently optimized to process videos that are recorded:

(1) with the camera oriented in landscape mode; and

(2) with the actor placed at the vertical center of the frame.

We don’t explicitly prohibit videos in portrait mode.  Give them a try.  But given how prone to error they are, we discourage their use.

Among other things, portrait mode appears to encourage bad vertical spacing and odd angles. If the actor is not placed at the vertical center of the video, it may invite excessive and uneven amount of dead space above or below the actor, which can have a serious impact on results (see our FAQ on the topic here).

If portrait is all you’ve got, you should try it out, but be careful to avoid uneven dead space and odd angles.

If you’re dealing with pre-recorded videos, we recommend you crop the dead space out of the video.  We like to use this free tool (but there are many others):