10 Sep 2020

During our pre-release testing, we uncovered a few things that we are still working through.  If you run in to any, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are always trying to improve our product.

  • Performance Settings:  we have locked in the best performing AI configuration (a low resolution coupled with our full deep learning model) for both real time and step-by-step processing.  However, soon, we’ll allow users to make certain adjustments to these settings to more granularly reflect the hardware and software environments of the workstations they’re working with.
  • LiveLink may interfere with AI:  we have observed rare situations where using a Live Link stream into Unreal adversely affects the AI in real time scene processing.
  • Step-by-step scenes don’t produce results: we have seen some situations in which scenes processed in step-by-step mode produce no animation data.  This is likely due to a poor initial analysis of the video, especially if the user is not clearly visible or the lighting or other conditions are not supportive of the AI.   If this happens to you, we’ll soon release an update to allow you to re-process these videos, so there’s no need to delete these folders, even if no results are available right now.