At this time, we track motion for one individual at a time. This means that you should avoid having more than one person in the frame at any point, even for a short time or inadvertently.  If you do have multiple people in the frame, there’s a fair chance you’ll see violent snaps and oscillations in 3D space, including non-sensical movement. In the future, we will be adding the ability to separately capture and track motion of multiple actors simultaneously.

Visible warnings in your scenes:

If you see a warning in one of your scenes that the “AI has detected more than one person in your video” you may be getting results that are distorted by the fact that our AI is attempting to reconcile such conflicting data.

A note on false positives:

Not all “multiple actor” warnings mean there’s a problem.  Our AI on occasion detects “false positives,” which is to say that a warning appears while there’s clearly only a single actor in the scene.  That is caused by the ability of the AI to detect human-like patterns, even where humans themselves wouldn’t see them.  If you’re in doubt whether this has affected your results, a quick look at your video will usually answer the question:  if you can’t see a second person in the video with your naked eyes, it is unlikely that the results produced by the AI were impacted by the pattern causing a false positive.