Across all subscription categories, playtime is available for the duration of one complete accounting period (i.e., one full month) from its start date until its last day. Unused playtime expires at the end of such accounting period.

Unused playtime from add-ons are available from the day you purchased the add-on until the last day of the following accounting period – which means a minimum of one full month up to a maximum of almost two full months.

When processing a new scan, or if you download FBX results, you automatically deplete those playtime credits first that are due to expire first.

If you upgrade your subscription before the end of any accounting period, any playtime limits then unused are rolled over into the upgraded subscription.

Except as set out above with respect to add-ons and subscription upgrades, any unused playtime limits expire automatically and irrevocably:

  • when you downgrade to a free subscription
  • if you fail to make payment to us when due
  • upon cancelation or termination of your account with RADiCAL