Understanding Playtime

faq overview
  • What is the significance of ‘playtime’ and how do you calculate it?

    “Playtime” is the unit of measure by which you consume upload limits and download limits within your account:

    • Upload Playtime” refers to the playtime limits within which you can upload videos during a given accounting period. 
    • Download Playtime” refers to the playtime limits within which you can download motion capture files during a given accounting period.

    We calculate “playtime” as the actual duration in time of the “live action” scene contained in the video you upload.  In other words, “live action playtime” is equal to the actual time it took to record the video.

    The vast majority of all videos play back at the same “live action” speed at which they were recorded.  However, there are some limited exceptions:

    • Accelerated playback: Our algorithms are designed to detect accelerated playback of live action content. If a video runs at an accelerated playback speed, we may (but are not obliged to) reject the scan or scale the speed back down to actual live action playtime to ensure the correct playtime is counted against the playtime limits applicable within your account.
    • Decelerated playback (slow motion): Our algorithms are unlikely to consistently detect decelerated playback of live action content — sometimes described as “slow motion” (or “slo-mo”). If we don’t detect that content playback has been decelerated, the playback time for such content will be greater than its live action playtime, and such greater playback time will then be counted against the upload and download capacity limits applicable within your account. We are not responsible for detecting decelerated playback times, nor are we obligated to adjust the playtime counted against your upload and/or download capacity limits before, during or after a video is processed.


  • How does playtime work within accounting periods?

    Your use of our system within playtime limits is based on two metrics: 

    • Your “playtime” limits apply during a given accounting period
    • An “accounting period” starts on the day you subscribe for your account (whether for the first time or subsequently through an upgrade) and ends one full month after that.
  • How long are unused playtime limits available?

    Across all subscription categories, playtime is available for the duration of one complete accounting period (i.e., one full month) from its start date until its last day. Unused playtime expires at the end of such accounting period.

    Unused playtime from add-ons are available from the day you purchased the add-on until the last day of the following accounting period – which means a minimum of one full month up to a maximum of almost two full months.

    When processing a new scan, or if you download FBX results, you automatically deplete those playtime credits first that are due to expire first.

    If you upgrade your subscription before the end of any accounting period, any playtime limits then unused are rolled over into the upgraded subscription.

    Except as set out above with respect to add-ons and subscription upgrades, any unused playtime limits expire automatically and irrevocably:

    • when you downgrade to a free subscription
    • if you fail to make payment to us when due
    • upon cancelation or termination of your account with RADiCAL
  • What happens if I have reached or exceeded my upload playtime?

    If your video upload exceeds your remaining playtime credits, we automatically add a playtime package (an ADD-ON) applicable to your subscription to allow you to process your video. The details for that add-on, including pricing and the playtime you’re getting with it, depend on your underlying subscription package. They can be found on our upgrade page.

  • How are downloads used against my playtime limits?

    Every time you initiate a download of an FBX file for the results we have produced, the playtime of that FBX file is counted against your download playtime limits within the applicable accounting period.

  • Does resolution affect my consumption of my playtime limits?

    No.  While more computing power is required to analyze high resolution content, your monthly playtime is not consumed at a higher rate in proportion to an increase in resolution.

    In other words, you are encouraged to maintain high resolution rates to ensure best results.

  • How does my frame rate (FPS) affect playtime calculation, performance or anything else?

    In calculating actual “playtime” within a video against the playtime limits applicable within your account, we don’t take into account the frame per second (FPS) rate contained within any uploaded videos.  

    However, because of the proportionally higher demands on the computing power necessary to process videos with higher FPS rates, it may take us longer to produce and return results if you’re on a Personal subscription.

    We prioritize faster results (in ascending order) for users holding a Creator, Producer and Studio subscriptions, irrespective of FPS rates.