Results: Using RADiCAL's MoCap Data

faq overview
  • How do I use my FBX output in Blender?

    For Blender users, we have included a T-pose rig that you can map to your character before re-targeting your RADiCAL animation to that character.

    CG Geek provides a comprehensive tutorial for using RADiCAL with Blender that you can watch here.

  • Does RADiCAL’s rig conform to the HumanIK standard?

    Yes.  RADiCAL’s FBX output is rigged to the HumanIK standard.

    The HumanIK rig can be used across all 3D modeling and gaming packages, including Autodesk Maya, 3D StudioMax, MotionBuilder, Blender, Unity, Unreal, and many more …

    There is loads of free information publicly available about using your characters on a HumanIK rig. Essentially, the first step is to set up the character you want to retarget as a HumanIK character.  This means in turn that it must have a valid skeleton definition that maps out its skeletal structure.

    More general information about HumanIK is available here.