Recording: Using RADiCAL's Motion app

faq overview
  • Compatibility: What iOS & Android devices can I use?

    RADiCAL’s Motion apps are compatible with: 

    • Apple: requires iOS 11.1 or later.  Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    • Android: requires Android 6.0 and up.  

    If you run into any trouble on any of your devices, please do shoot us a note at support@getrad.co.  We’re keen to hear from you. 

  • Should I mount the camera on a tripod?

    For best results, you should mount your camera fully level on a tripod.  This is especially true if you’re a professional user (such as an animator or 3D graphics artist).

    For casual use, and fast testing, a tripod is not required.  Simply stabilize the camera by holding it steady.

    Moving the camera doesn’t affect our ability to detect pose and motion, but it affects the way we interpret the body’s overall position in space.

  • Can I move the camera during the shoot?

    For best results, avoid panning the camera, or moving it around in any way, while recording your video.

    While panning / moving the camera doesn’t affect our ability to detect pose and motion, it does currently affect the way we interpret the body’s position in space.  (We are working on that …)

  • What frame rate per second (FPS) do you recommend?

    At the moment, while using the Motion app, the FPS rate is locked at 30 FPS.

    If you have an older version of the App, you might see a toggle in the app that allows for higher FPS rates (60, 120 and 240).  However, we recommend that you don’t use these, as our AI doesn’t currently support best results for those FPS rates.  We recommend that you update your app to the latest version immediately for best results.

    We will gradually re-introduce higher FPS rates in the comings months.  We will make sure to announce the re-introduction through our Change Log and other channels.

  • What is the maximum size for a file I am uploading?

    File size limits are set by your subscription.  We are happy to grant higher limits to certain users with special needs.

    Get in touch at support@getrad.co to find out more.

  • File formats, compression, resolution, etc.

    If you are recording and uploading videos through RADiCAL’s Motion App, you don’t have to worry about file formats, compression, resolution or other technical specifications.  It’s all handled through the app.


  • Can I use third party content, stock video or content downloaded from the internet?

    We have seen great results from third party content, stock footage and videos downloaded from YouTube, Vimeo and otherwise. However, with any third party footage, we don’t receive important information about the camera with which the video was recorded and the space the motion occurs in.  As a consequence, you should expect that our results will not accurately track the underlying motion in space.

    In addition, videos downloaded from the internet often come with low FPS rates, high levels of compression and low resolution.  All of these can adversely affect your results, especially when you attempt to track fast and complex motion.

    If you upload third party footage through RADiCAL’s Motion App, you accept those risks.

    To use footage from cameras that don’t run our RADiCAL’s Motion App, you can set up a custom profile.  A custom profile will allow you to upload the camera intrinsics data we require for best results.