Your video: handling your camera and technical specs

faq overview
  • What cameras can I use?


    Almost anything will work, whether it’s a consumer device, a semi-professional camera or professional gear.


    That includes most conventional webcams, smartphone cameras (iOS and Android), point-to-shoot cameras as well professional cameras. 


    There are only a few rare exceptions:  we don’t recommend cameras that come with fisheye lenses, such as certain GoPro devices.

  • Should I mount the camera on a tripod?


    For best results, you should mount your camera fully level on a tripod.  This is especially true if you’re a professional user (such as an animator or 3D graphics artist).


    For casual use, and fast testing, a tripod is not required.  Simply stabilize the camera by holding it steady.


    Moving the camera doesn’t affect our ability to detect and reconstruct motion in 3D, but it affects the way we interpret the body’s position in global space.

  • Can I move the camera during the shoot?

    For best results, avoid panning the camera, or moving it around in any way, while recording your video.

    While panning / moving the camera doesn’t affect our ability to detect pose and motion, it does currently affect the way we interpret the body’s position in space.  (We are working on that …)

  • What frame rate per second (FPS) do you recommend?


    We process all videos at 30 FPS. We recommend you use videos at 24 – 30 FPS.


    We will accept videos with an FPS rate lower than 30, but low FPS rates may affect the quality of your results (depending on the nature of the motion you’re capturing), especially at FPS rates below 24.


    If your video exceeds 30 FPS, we will automatically scale it back to 30 FPS. In other words, an FPS rate higher than 30 will not change your results, positively or negatively.  It still gets processed at FPS 30.

  • What resolution do you require?


    At the moment, Gen3 is optimized for resolutions of 320 x 240.   You may of course use higher resolutions, but we will automatically scale back your video’s resolution for processing.   


  • What aspect ratio do you require?


    At the moment, Gen3 is optimized for the 4:3 aspect ratio.  You may upload videos with different aspect ratios, but there are things you should observe when doing so:

    • Widescreen videos (16:9, 16:10, 1.85:1): our AI will ignore any information (pixels) that are outside the 4:3 ratio, solving for the Y axis (height) to be included in full. This means our AI may no longer see an actor appearing in the wide horizontal margins of a widescreen video, and your results would likely be adversely affected.  We recommend you record your videos with that limitation in mind.
    • Square (1:1) or vertical (9:16) videos: your input video may appear with black sidebars in visualizations.  However, your animation data should not be affected.


  • Which file formats can RADiCAL process?

    We process all regular video file formats: *.MOV, *.MPEG, *.MP4 and *.AVI.

  • Can I adjust focal length (zoom) during the shoot?

    No. You should avoid adjusting focal length (zoom), during the recording. 


  • Can I use third party content, stock video or content downloaded from the internet?


    We consistently see great results from third party content, stock footage and videos downloaded from YouTube, Vimeo and otherwise.


    However, videos downloaded from the internet often come with low FPS rates, bad lighting and other problems.  All of these can adversely affect your results, especially when you attempt to track fast and complex motion.


    If you upload third party footage, you accept those risks.