LIVE: real-time, multiplayer experiences

faq overview
  • LIVE: is it available now?

    We intend to release RADiCAL LIVE to our community soon, a platform that is entirely self-service, easy to use, and massively scalable. Until then, the LIVE platform is available through a developer account that we grant to customers and partners upon request.

    Those who don’t have a RADiCAL developer account can get in touch with us. We’re happy to offer it to as many users as we can, as fast as possible, but we need to coordinate cloud resources to enable a smooth and seamless experience for everyone. We’re therefore sequencing the rollout according to use case, expected engagement and a few other metrics.

  • LIVE: what equipment do I need?

    RADiCAL Live runs on any consumer device that:

    (1) comes with a conventional camera,

    (2) supports conventional web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and

    (3) has an internet connection.


  • LIVE: how much bandwidth does it require?

    You need enough bandwidth to support a regular video conference call between 2 participants.  In other words, not a lot.  The dataloads we send back and forth between your device and our cloud are rather small.

    What matters arguably just as much (and that can be tricky in some places) is for this bandwidth, albeit small, to be consistent.


  • LIVE: does RADiCAL run on my device or in the cloud?


    • LIVE will use the camera on your device to capture and stream video up into the cloud.
    • LIVE processes the video feed from your local device in the cloud to produce 3D animation data.
    • Finally, LIVE sends a tiny stream of 3D animation data back to your local device, where it is visualized using 3D assets.
  • LIVE: how does “multiplayer” mode work in “virtual rooms”?

    LIVE’s multiplayer layer supports a practically unlimited number of remote participants (actors).  Our cloud-based multiplayer solution enables shared “virtual rooms” out-of-the-box, such that every participant can see themselves and every other participating actor in the shared 3D space, in real time.

    Note that each actor requires their own video stream (and each actor should still be alone in their video stream).

  • LIVE: what FPS does it deliver?

    RADiCAL Live delivers 3D animation data at 30 FPS.

  • LIVE: NVIDIA Omniverse


    We are partnering with NVIDIA to support the Omniverse platform.  Towards that end, we have released the RADiCAL Live Connector for Omniverse.  It enables real-time, multiplayer 3D motion capture inside Omniverse Machinima, for everyone, everywhere, from any device.

    You can see our announcement here.

    Using a Simulated Live Data Stream in Omniverse

    You can see what LIVE looks and feels like in Omniverse, even if you don’t have a LIVE account,  using a simulated live data stream.  Here’s how it works:

    • Install / launch Omniverse / Omniverse Create: If you’re not using Omniverse yet, head over to NVIDIA to install Omniverse and get familiarized. Then launch Omniverse Create.
    • Download the Connector: The free Connector is now available from our downloads page.
    • Integrate the Connector: Follow the instructions over here on how to use the Connector to visualize the simulated LIVE data stream in Omniverse.
    • Validate: To see if you’ve got this right, compare your Omniverse visualizations to the simulated data stream available through our website.