Public / Private Uploads

faq overview
  • Is the video footage I uploaded accessible outside the Visualizer?

    No. The footage you uploaded is only accessible alongside our 3D visualizations. Our system makes your Uploads shareable as part of a visualization, but never by themselves. No one can download, copy, or otherwise access your videos.

  • Are my uploads publicly viewable?

    No.  Unless you want them to be.

    For scenes created after June 1, 2020, you can choose to make all of your uploads and results private and exclusive to you and the people you choose to share your results with selectively. That’s true if you’re on a paid subscription. or on a free account, including on a free trial.


  • Can anyone download my results?

    No.  Not if your work is private.

    If your upload is public (which is your choice), then any RADiCAL user can choose to download the results of your scene.

    The user’s download does not include the video used to create the scene, but rather only the motion data viewable through the visualizer.

  • Who can share my uploads?

    If your uploads are public, anyone who has access to our systems can share your scene.

    If your uploads are private, only those you share your scene with can themselves share the scene with others.

  • How can I make new uploads private?

    You can select to make your upload private through the uploader page or, later, through the relevant scene’s profile page.