Public / Private Uploads

faq overview
  • Is the video footage I uploaded accessible outside the Visualizer?

    No. The footage you uploaded is only accessible alongside our 3D visualizations. Our system makes your Uploads shareable as part of a visualization, but never by themselves. No one can download, copy, or otherwise access your videos.

  • Are my uploads publicly viewable?

    If you have a free subscription, every video you upload is publicly viewable through the Explore channels across our website, mobile apps and desktop apps, as well as anywhere an iFrame is embedded, or any time a link to the visualization is shared.

    If you have a Premium subscription, you can choose to make all of your uploads and results private and exclusive to you and the people you choose to share your results with selectively.


  • Can anyone download my results?

    If your upload is public, then any RADiCAL user can choose to download the results of your scan.

    The user’s download does not include the video used to create the scan, but rather only the motion data viewable through the visualizer.

  • Who can share my uploads?

    If your uploads are public, anyone who has access to our systems can share your scan.

    If your uploads are private, only those you share your scan with can themselves share the scan with others.

  • How can I make new uploads private?

    If you have a premium subscription, you can select to have your upload be made private through the uploader screen inside your mobile apps.

    Once selected and your footage is uploaded, only you can see the visualization and download the results.



  • How can I make existing uploads private?

    If you have a paid subscription, you can click “Public” next to “Privacy” beneath “About Your Scan” to change the setting.

    Note that, if you do this, embedded iFrames will no longer display the visualization, and anyone who only has the URL will lose access.