faq overview
  • Unreal: the RADiCAL asset pack

    If you are importing your animations into Unreal Engine, we have an asset pack available on our downloads page.

    For a video tutorial on how to use it, please check it out here.

    Video credit to Xuelong Mu.

  • Blender: How to use FBX output / RADiCAL add-on (all users)

    For Blender users, we make available a free add-on and T-pose rig to help you map to your character before re-targeting your RADiCAL animation to that character.

    Both the add-on and the T pose rig can be accessed via our downloads page.

    Important: when you import the FBX in to your Blender workflow, make sure you select “Automatic Bone Orientation” in the armature options.

    A detailed video tutorial, created by the add-on developer, Gottfried Hoffman, can be found here.

    A shorter, less detailed, video tutorial created by the RADiCAL team can be found here.