faq overview
  • Blender

    For Blender users, we make available a free add-on and T-pose rig to help you map to your character before re-targeting your RADiCAL animation to that character.

    Both the add-on and the T pose rig can be accessed via our downloads page. Important: when you import the FBX in to your Blender workflow, make sure you select “Automatic Bone Orientation” in the armature options. A detailed video tutorial, created by the add-on developer, Gottfried Hoffman, can be found here. A shorter, less detailed, video tutorial created by the RADiCAL team can be found here.


    Separately, our friends at Project Spark Studio have developed an add-on that allows you to make custom retargeting profiles.

    • Download the add-on here.
    • Watch the tutorial here.


    Note: at this time, we can only confirm compatibility for results produced with AI version 3.1.  We are currently validating whether results from later versions of the AI are compatible with this add-on.