faq overview
  • Unreal sample project

    We also have an Unreal sample project to get you started with livestreaming your animations from Studio into Unreal.

    Download it here.  Credit to Xuelong Mu.

  • Unreal asset pack

    If you are importing your animations into Unreal Engine, we have an asset pack available on our downloads page.

    For a video tutorial on how to use it, please check it out here.

    Video credit to Xuelong Mu.

  • Blender add-on

    To download our Blender add-on, please go to our downloads page.

    For a quick video tutorial on how to use the plugin, please go here. We will have a much more comprehensive tutorial published by Gottfried Hoffman of blenderdiplom coming out in December 2020.

    Our friends at Project Spark Studio also created a more involved add-on that allows you to make custom retargeting profiles, watch the tutorial here.  Download the add-on here.

  • How do I retarget to custom rigs?

    If you want to retarget your RADiCAL animation to a custom rig, our friends at Project Spark Studio have developed an add-on that will allow you to create retargeting profiles.


    Download the add-on here.


    There is a video tutorial for the add-on you can watch here.