Sometimes, inspiration can come from places you can’t expect. Whatever the source is, we want you to be able to turn anything around you into fluid motion.

That’s why we’re introducing the ability for users to capture motion from any video, not just those captured in the RADiCAL app. Simply download the video to your phone and upload it by selecting it from within your gallery.

Using estimated sensor data produced by our AI, we can capture motion by predicting the sensor size and focal length of the camera used in the original video. We’ve seen great scans of third party content, stock footage and videos downloaded from YouTube and Vimeo. Our estimates support many use cases and have produced fantastic results already, such as the recording of Manako below, downloaded from YouTube.

Simply be mindful of the quality of the video. Try to avoid videos with low resolution, low frame rates and high compression. Lastly, please always ensure you have all the permissions or licenses necessary to upload videos from third party sources.

Upload away!