With our public beta now underway, we want to chart our journey towards our full release. This public beta lays the groundwork to move forward, and gives us vital user feedback.

To get to our full release, hopefully within a matter of weeks, we’ve got a few goals we’d like to accomplish. Here’s what we’re adding:

  • Motion: we’re improving the stability of our motion, reducing jitter and making sure that the feet are solidly placed on the floor. And yes, we’re also adding a floor!
  • FBX download: We’re finalizing the output format. Soon you will be able to download an FBX file that you can use to animate your own 3D characters (including for previously uploaded footage).
  • Android support: Since nearly any camera can capture footage usable by our AI, any  smartphone can and should support motion capture, no matter the make or model. Adding Android is another giant step towards that goal.

We’ll be adding more detail about every feature right here on the Change log.

Until then, every suggestion and user feedback helps us learn and improve. Feel free to reach out to us any time.