Over the last 9 months, countless users have asked us to release a feature that would allow them to upload videos into our cloud-powered AI that were recorded independently by them, i.e. videos that were not recorded through the RADiCAL mobile apps.

We’ve heard you loud and clear.

Starting today, you’ll be able to upload your own videos through our custom uploader on our website.

You can get to the custom uploader in two ways:


  • Web: From the members area of our website: -> hit the UPLOAD button -> hit “Custom Uploader” in the pop-up dialogue
  • Desktop Apps: From our desktop apps: -> hit the NEW SCENE button -> hit “USE EXISTING VIDEO” in the dialogue -> hit NEXT (opens up the browser)


You can use the custom uploader with any Creator, Producer or Professional subscription, monthly or annual.

This is work in progress, and we’ll continually improve on what we do.  Please get in touch if you have any questions: support@getrad.co


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