We’ve been getting a bit of feedback from our users complaining about notifications that their content is being reviewed, because they might “violate” our Terms of Service.

To explain: we’re using an outside service (provided by Amazon) to prevent RADiCAL from becoming an unwitting distributor of inappropriate content through our Explore channel.

Unfortunately, that early detection system misfires here and there.  To be fair, it misfires a lot.  99.99% of the videos flagged are false positives.

The protocol we have in place is that videos thus flagged are held back for review.  Typically, that review happens within seconds, sometimes a few minutes. 

So most of you won’t ever experience delays.

However, in some circumstances, we may not have the resources to support all the flagged uploads (yes, we wish we didn’t have to sleep, either), in which case it might take a bit longer to respond. 

For that, we apologize. 

Going forward, we’re working on a solution that will notify users automatically once the review has been completed, one way or another. And of course at some point we hope to have a fully automated 24/7 clearance system.

Thanks for your understanding until we get it right. 

— Team RADiCAL