We’re excited to announce the release of our first desktop app for Mac.

The desktop app, built entirely in Unity, brings the RADiCAL Studio visualizer you’re used to seeing on your mobile apps straight to your desktop.  With it, you can access both your own results and thousand of animations available through our Explore channel.

The desktop app will also serve as the new home for Gen 3 of our AI, which we will start embedding in the desktop app in the next few months.  (See “What’s Next?” below)

For now, here’s how you get started:


What’s next? 

We’re working hard on these things:

  • Windows / Linux Apps:  We expect to release the app for Windows and Linux machines in the next few weeks.
  • Gen 3 – Embedded AI:  In 2019, we’ll start building Gen 3 of our AI into the desktop app for real-time results and on premise processing.  This also enables unmetered performance for our users.
  • Upload models: In 2019, we’ll enable you to upload your own character models, so you can your see your motion on them.
  • Expanded FBX download:  you’ll be able to download an FBX that includes both your motion and your mesh.
  • Adjust virtual environment: we’ll give you the ability to manipulate the virtual environment inside the Studio view, including landscapes, lighting, weather and more … with nothing but a graphical interface.
  • And more … we’ll let you know soon!


*     *     *


– Team RADiCAL