Dear RADiCAL Community:

We’re excited to announce important changes to accelerate RADiCAL’s mission:

A platform for the world to create, share and explore animated 3D motion content.

Our mission rests on three pillars:  

  1. Create: We give you AI-powered 3D motion animation tools to create amazing content  
  2. Share: Share your content with the RADiCAL community
  3. Explore: Explore and download 3D motion content created by others

What does this mean for you?

We’re lowering prices, providing new creative content tools and increasing access to user content for everyone:  

  • Free accounts: we are making free accounts available to everyone. Free accounts include both free video uploads and free FBX downloads for all.  
  • Explore channel – public sharing:  public user-generated content is now accessible to the entire RADiCAL community through a new ‘Explore’ channel. If you’re on a free account, your content is shared to the RADiCAL community automatically.  If you’re on a paid account, you can selectively share only what you want to make public.
  • Secure privacy & exclusivity:  if you’d like to keep your content confidential and your licenses exclusive, you can make your uploads, visualizations and FBX results private by upgrading to a premium account starting at $8 per month. 
  • Receive feedback:  if you share your content, you can see what other RADiCAL users think of it. We count views and likes for you.  
  • FBX Downloads & Forking: like a scan that was created by another user?  You can now download their FBX results. Soon you will also be able to “fork” other users’ public scans, including their results, so you can improve on their work even further with our creative tools.
  • Commercial licenses:  if you wish to use FBX results for profit, or in a commercial project, simply upgrade to a premium account at a low fee. We offer annual and monthly subscriptions starting at $8 per month.
  • Playtime on demand:  To maximize flexibility, if you need more upload or download playtime credits, you can buy those starting at $8 per month, without recurring obligations.

Over the next few days, we will announce more details about the new content creation tools, largely powered by deep Unity integrations.

We’re excited for what’s to come. We hope you are, too.