Starting today, you can invite your network to join RADiCAL. In return, we’ll give you a free Creator Add-On for each friend that accepts your invite! No purchase necessary for either of you.

Each Creator Add-On gives you free video upload and FBX file download playtime for your scans. Simply navigate to the user menu in the upper right hand corner, and select the button labeled “Free Playtime”:

From there, you can share your referral link on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and by email. We’ve gone ahead and written an email you can send out to multiple people at once, or you can take your time and write out the message however you’d like!

Once a user registers after clicking the link you’ve sent, you’ll receive an upgrade code. When our store opens up in a few weeks’ time, that upgrade will be redeemable, giving you free playtime, no credit card required!

Make sure you spread the word!