RADiCAL is AI-powered 3D motion capture. No suits, no hardware, no setup. Right from your phone.

Today, we are launching the latest generation of our AI (we call it Gen 2.5) through a free public beta for users across 3D animation, 3D graphics and 3D content creation, including AR & VR. Though we still have to do a little more rocket science to adjust all our dials, we’re counting down to our full liftoff soon after that.

Starting today, you can create and preview 3D motion capture scans through our web and mobile apps.

Gen 2.5 is focused on basic mobility. Basic mobility means conventional gesturing, stepping, walking and other movement from left to right, rooted in standing and sitting motion. Within those categories, you can get more nuanced: we have seen great results with full 360 turns, basic dance and the expression of different moods (happiness, etc.) through motion.

To get the most out of this release, just a few tips:

  • Record at 120 FPS — 60 FPS for slow, simple motion / 240 FPS for fast, complex motion
  • Place your phone on a tripod (or a flat surface)
  • Record a single person at a time

Because this is about basic mobility, go easy on non-conventional, complex motion, such as athletics (squatting, jumping, rolling across a floor, push-ups, etc.), fighting and intricate dance, as well as long walks into depth.

You will need our latest iOS App for Gen 2.5, so make sure to download it. (We’ll release an Android App shortly.) As ever, check out our Learn section for more detail about achieving best results.

Play nicely, and you’ll get best results!

Until then, scan away, and don’t be shy. We’re here to help.