Several exciting developments to report from the last few weeks at RADiCAL HQ!

  • RADiCAL Gen 2.6 & FBX Download: available now as a free prototyping tool
  • RADiCAL Gen 3: coming soon
  • Unity SDK for AR Apps: coming soon

Below is more detail on each of those developments.


RADiCAL Gen 2.6 & FBX Downloads — for free prototyping:

We have decided to make our current AI Gen 2.6 available as a prototyping tool for the film, TV, gaming and XR industries.  Gen 2.6 will be available for free to everyone within reasonable limits.  (Power users that need more playtime will be able to upgrade their accounts.)  

The FBX download feature for Gen 2.6 will be made available to a limited number of beta users today. Please look out for an email. First come, first serve. We then expect to expand the download feature to all users for free within a week.  


RADiCAL Gen 3 — for production pipelines:

We’ve also started working on the development of a completely new generation of our AI we’re calling RADiCAL Gen 3.  We’re proud of the results we’re delivering with our current AI, but we want to go above and beyond to allow our product to match the high expectations of professional pipelines with Gen 3.

Gen 3 will utilize advances in our science to capture results with more organic, fluid and expressive motion (including better footlock) than ever before.



With the launch of our SDK, you will soon be able to integrate our motion into your Unity workflow simply by installing our plugin, entering your credentials, and adding our motion to your apps. (Unreal will follow soon thereafter.)

Whether you’re trying to make the next great AR experience or use our motion in the next groundbreaking mobile game, we want to help! Creating apps that use RADiCAL Motion should be as seamless as the capturing process itself.


*          *          *


As we get closer to release of both our SDK and RADiCAL Gen3, we’ll clue you in about pricing and availability information. Until then, keep your eyes on the changelog and your email inbox for more features and tricks for using RADiCAL!