Gen3: Our latest AI

Coming soon

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Clean data, ready to use

FBX motion data that is ready to use with little to no clean-up

Lightning speed

Expect lighting-fast results, ca. 20x faster than Gen2 in the cloud

More range of motion

Dramatic increase in the range of motion, incl. athletic, combat, etc.

More detail

We have added joints to the spine and neck for more granular results

Accounts & Services

Coming soon

More cloud capacity

We’ve increased every user’s cloud processing capacity by 3x - 20x

More FBX downloads

We’ve increased FBX download playtime limits by 10x to infinity

Customize meshes, scenes

Upload meshes, environments, 3D assets / adjust lighting, colors, etc.

Manage your scenes

Edit and adjust the name, description and privacy status of your work

Limited time offer

Up to 40% off

Check out the details

Release expected by Q3 2019. A specific release date cannot be guaranteed.