Private Beta

Thank you for your interest in RADiCAL’s Gen3 private beta. The program is designed to help benchmark the AI’s performance across devices and GPUs, collect feedback on the UI/UX choices we have made, and to give a glimpse of gameplay possibilities.

The purpose of this private beta release is not to evaluate the quality of the motion capture capabilities that come with Gen3 – although this release does contain an early version of Gen3 with substantial constraints.

Complete the application below for access to the beta program. We’ll let you know by email if and when your application is accepted.

* Program Terms: By clicking the submit button, you’re becoming a member of RADiCAL’s early access partnership program (the “Program”). The Program is designed to allow technology companies and content creators early access to new product and services developed by RADiCAL, at no cost, before they are made available to the public.

By becoming a Program member, you may receive from RADiCAL free, pre-release access to our newest AI, Unity integrations and custom profiles, as well as SDKs and APIs as soon as they become available.

By becoming a member, you agree that: (a) your membership is subject to RADiCAL’s Terms of Service; (b) you may receive from RADiCAL infrequent email communications discussing access to product releases and feedback opportunities; and (c) your participation may be referenced in RADiCAL’s public communications, including on its website. From time to time, RADiCAL may, in its absolute discretion, modify a member’s access to the program.

Data Collection: For as long as you participate in the Program, in addition to data we track for all users of our platform (as described in our privacy policy), we’ll track the following data during your use of the RADiCAL app:

  1. Speed test results
  2. Processor (CPU): make and model
  3. Operating system, incl. which version
  4. System memory size (RAM)
  5. Graphics card (GPU): make and model
  6. Graphics memory size (VRAM)
  7. Screen resolution (width x height)
  8. App / game window resolution (width x height)
  9. Graphics device version