We have pushed our  solution of the FBX problem in Blender to production. All animations should be in T-pose in Edit mode now.

Please bear in mind that this is a temporary solution.  There may still be minor issues that pop up (animations may have bones with abnormal rolls).

In a few weeks, we expect to release a new skeleton that more fundamentally solves this problem with an add-on that makes re-targeting a drag and drop process for users.

The new Gen3 T-pose can be found here on our downloads page.

As always, feel free to drop us an email or book a meeting with our team.



Hi all,

Some users have reached out because they’re experiencing re-targeting issues with respect to our FBX in Blender, specifically they’re seeing some abnormal rotations in the skeleton.

We’re aware of the problem and have identified the root cause.  We’re now working on a temporary solution.  Please bear with us for the next few days while we generate a short video tutorial for the temporary fix.

You should also know that, hopefully within just a few weeks, we will release an add-on that will make re-targeting a drag drop process in Blender.

If you have specific thoughts on Blender, or these specific issues, feel free to drop us an email or book a meeting with our team.

As always, thank you!



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As always, feel free to drop us an email or book a meeting with our team.

We’ve had thousands of requests to enable a free trial for our CORE product over the past few weeks and months. We’re excited that we’re now in a position to offer it.

We’ve had to work through this carefully. As a small startup with limited resources, making expensive cloud processing capacity available to tens of thousands of users for free is a daunting prospect.  But we’re going to take this bet, because we know it’s what our users need.


It’s a first release – we love feedback.

The free trial is a product, just like any other.  It was released fast to make sure we get into the hands of those who need it.  We may have overlooked stuff and there may be things that don’t work. If so, please let us know (email |book a meeting). We love feedback.


Here’s how it works.

The free trial allows you to explore RADiCAL’s 3D motion tracking technology through our cloud at no cost.

To get it up and running, navigate to the free trial sign up page, hit select, complete the checkout with a working credit or debit card (no worries, it will not be charged).

You can then use the free animation time within one week of starting the trial.  You’ll be able to upload videos, privately and confidentially, and see your results visualized through our website, but you won’t be able to download the animation data.  (We have sample FBX files for you to download from our explore page.)

As ever, we recommend you follow our guidance for recording video in our Learn section.


Conversion to subscription.

If you like what you see, your free trial converts to a to a flexible month-to-month Creator account – which you cancel at any time –  if you: (1) exceed the trial’s animation playtime limits; (2) decide to export and download your animation data; or (3) don’t cancel your trial by the end of the trial period.

If you would like to upgrade to any other monthly or annual subscription, drop us an email or book a meeting.  We will help (including by crediting your already made payments, which is currently a manual process).


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If you’re unsure about anything, drop us an email or book a meeting with our team.

In anticipation of our forthcoming release of the RADiCAL Studio, our on-prem, real-time implementation of our AI, you can now pre-buy a RADiCAL Studio subscription.  To make it worth your while, until Studio is released, we’ll throw in CORE for free



Not only will you benefit from free CORE usage until Studio is out, after Studio is released, you’ll get the unlimited animation playtime that comes with Studio.


How you opt in:

To opt into this program, do this:

  1. Buy any annual CORE package now: Creator / Producer / Professional
  2. Send an email to support@getrad.co with the headline: “Opt in STUDIO.” That’s it, you’re done. We’ll take care of the rest.
  3. When the RADiCAL Studio is released, we’ll convert your subscription to the equivalent RADiCAL Studio subscription (Creator / Producer / Professional), and a full one year term will start at that time. This means that you’ve effectively benefited from free access to CORE in the meantime – best of both worlds!


Got questions?

Here are answers to questions you might have:

  • This opt-in program is available until July 10, 2020.
  • We expect the RADiCAL Studio to be released in July / August 2020 (but that can change).
  • We will also give free access to pre-release versions to participating users.
  • Existing subscriptions can’t be used for the opt-in.  If you’d like to use an existing subscription for the Studio opt-in program, get in touch.
  • Monthly subscriptions can’t be used for the Studio opt-in.

If you’re unsure about anything, drop
us an email or book a video conf call meeting with our team.

We’re excited to announce an important expansion of our range of products, features and pricing options.   

Going forward, we offer four products: 

  • Core: our standard 3D motion tracking solution, using sequential cloud processing for all previsualization and post-production pipelines.
  • Live: a real time deployment of our AI through the cloud, for content creators and developers alike. 
  • Studio: a real time deployment of our AI right at home / the office, on local machines, for developers. 
  • Fuse SDK: build your own apps and experiences around our AI, including in real time, for developers.

CORE is now the name for our standard cloud product, currently running Gen3.  The other products are described in more detail on our website’s product pages.  Below are the changes to the Core product features and pricing. Where appropriate, we cross-reference other products for context. 


CORE pricing (compare to STUDIO):


Our new Core pricing has now gone live.  We’d suggest that you review Core in direct comparison to its on-prem sibling, the Studio solution.

Across both Core and Studio, we continue to offer three basic packages, priced identically: Creator, Producer, and Professional.  While the most important changes are summarized below, you should make sure to check out the details on our website.  

  1. Increased FBX playtime:  we’ve increased the limits on your FBX downloads. This means that, within the Core product, you can now download all animations you create through the FBX exporter within a month. 
  2. Adjusted animation processing times (compare Core vs Studio): we’ve made some downward adjustments to the animation playtime limits across different Core packages. This is a reflection of the higher cost of running expensive cloud machines. It is also a reflection of the fact that are making unlimited animation available through our on-prem Studio package at the same price as Core, so if you need more animation playtime, consider a switch to Studio. 
  3. Playtime add-ons cheaper for annual subscribers / same for everyone else: Add-on playtime credits come at the same cost of your current plan, which means that, for annual subscribers, they will be 66% cheaper. Playtime add-ons are available to use for 1 month independently of your subscription, so they won’t go to waste. 
  4. Playtime add-ons are now automatic: if you go over your remaining playtime credits, we’ll automatically add enough playtime to your account to get the job done and your account will be charged for the playtime add-on. This will be completely seamless. To make sure you have complete visibility into your charges, we’ve added your up-to-date playtime budget summary to the upload page, so you always know where you are and what you can expect given your workloads.


Always consult our terms and conditions for details.  If you’re unsure about anything, drop us an email or book a video conf call meeting with our team.

As always, thanks for being part of our community!

– Team RADiCAL


Many of you have asked for the ability to process longer videos. We’ve heard you loud and clear.

We’ve increased the maximum duration, from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, for any one video you upload. We’re looking into raising that limit further, but we have more work to do on that topic. To support longer videos, we’re also making two related, and important, changes:

  • Playtime add-ons are now automatic: if you go over your remaining playtime credits, we’ll automatically add enough playtime to your account to get the job done and your account will be charged for the playtime add-on. This will be completely seamless. To make sure you have complete visibility into your charges, we’ve added your up-to-date playtime budget summary to the upload page, so you always know what to expect, given your workloads.
  • FBX on demand: converting raw animation data to the FBX format requires processing power. Rather than delaying your visual results, we’ll deliver your visual results without the FBX. You can then decide to request the FBX for the results you like. This means that you’ll get your visual results faster, but you’ll wait a bit longer for your FBX files.


Always consult our terms and conditions for details.  If you’re unsure about anything, drop us an email or book a video conf call meeting with our team.

As always, thanks for being part of our community!

– Team RADiCAL

We detected and fixed an issue today that, between June 13 and June 15, caused our web visualizer and notification systems to malfunction, such that many users were not told when their results were ready (even though they were).

We’re sorry if this has affected you. It has now been fixed, all of your scenes have been processed, and results can be viewed. If you were affected by these issues, please drop us a note at support@getrad.co so we can try to make up for it.

Thanks for your patience with us, as we roll out Gen3 across the entire platform.

Best –


Do you have experience optimizing custom neural network models for fast inference using the latest TensorRT plugins and cuDNN?  Then we’d love to talk to you – pls head on over to careers page and get in touch!

Our latest AI: Gen3 


Today, we are launching Gen3, the latest generation of our AI for our community of creators and developers. 


Gen3 has been a labor of love, skill and persistence. We’ve been on it for more than a year, because we knew that the Gen3 architecture would lay the foundation for a revolution in 3D motion tracking science. It is difficult to overstate how excited we are.  Not only does Gen3 provide far improved output, it also does so at significantly enhanced throughput.  So much so, that it’s now capable of being run in real time.  


With all those improvements now available, we’ll be releasing a range of new products, both in the cloud and for local (on prem) use.


RADiCAL consists of a small team of 3D graphics and AI enthusiasts.  We hope you enjoy the fruit of our labor as much as we do.  Below we have summarized just some of the highlights we want you to know about. 


Key features: 


RADiCAL is optimized for content creators, with the following priorities guiding everything we do: 


  1. Human aesthetics: because of our holistic approach to motion and deep learning, we’ve massively enhanced the human, organically expressive look and feel of our output, with smooth results that substantially reduce jitter and snapping; 
  2. Fidelity: Gen3 was designed to tease out much more detail in human motion than previous versions; 
  3. Speed: we want to ensure that our technology is capable of running in real time across most hardware and software environments. 


Going forward, Gen3 will support both CORE (our cloud-based motion capture technology) and new real time products (including an SDK) that we will announce and release shortly.  


While Gen3 has moved in massive leaps toward realizing those priorities, we also know that we have more work to do. More about that below. 


About our science:


There’s a lot of secret sauce in our science. But here’s what we can say: we’ve developed our AI to understand human motion holistically. Rather than creating a sequence of poses to create the impression of motion, we interpret the actor’s input through an understanding of human motion and biomechanics in three-dimensional space over time. In other words, our technology thinks in four dimensions: x, y, z and time.


We have more work to do:


As proud as we are of our progress, we want to do better in a few areas. One of our top priorities for the next few weeks and months is to better anchor our animations to the floor and reduce certain oscillations. 


We expect to roll out a first set of improvements within weeks, which should take us much closer to where we want to be in terms of reducing foot sliding  and oscillations. 


But we expect more work to be necessary after that. Those additional improvements will come with the next large release, in version 3.1 or 3.2.  We’ve already started to work on those improvements and we’re genuinely excited about making the results of our research public soon.


In the meantime, you can substantially mitigate these effects by following the guidance below.


How to get the best results:


To get the most out of our technology, you should: 


  • Static, stable camera: place your camera on a flat, stable surface (or a tripod, of course). Don’t adjust the zoom while recording. Don’t cut between different camera angles. 
  • Single actor: record a single person at a time; 
  • T-pose calibration:  ensure the actor strikes a T pose within the first five seconds with the entire body being clearly visible at a frontal angle to the camera; and 
  • Aspect ratio: record, use or upload videos with aspect ratios not wider than 4:3.  That’s because our AI only processes videos in a 4:3 ratio. While you can upload videos with wider ratios (we’ll crop them back automatically), you should keep your actor inside the 4:3 ratio to ensure they don’t get cropped out.    


Play nicely, and you’ll get best results!


* *


As ever, we’re forever grateful for the support of the RADiCAL community.  We’re excited about feedback, good and bad.  We’re even more excited about constructive criticism and assistance.  

– Team RADiCAL 

As we prepare for the transition to Gen3, we have to make a few changes.  The core of our platform will continue to run, but we’re limiting access to Gen2 through free accounts via some of our apps until Gen3 is out. 


  • Website: Our website will continue to operate as usual, with access to your completed scenes (Projects) and community scenes (Explore). You can register as a new user, including for a free account, download FBX files, manage your account and upload new videos via our custom upload page for processing through Gen2, if you hold a paid subscription.
  • Windows app: Our windows app will continue to be available on Steam. It will operate as usual, and we will continue to maintain it.
  • Mobile apps / MacOS app: To prepare for Gen3, we are suspending downloads of our iOS, Android and MacOS apps from the app stores.

    If you’ve already installed these apps, you can continue to use them by accessing your completed scenes and community scenes. However, you will no longer be able to upload new videos into our cloud from the mobile apps. The mobile apps won’t prevent you from recording videos or initiating uploads, but the upload will not reach our servers (and you will receive an email to confirm this). We will no longer update or maintain these legacy apps.

    If you’re a paying subscriber, you can continue to upload new videos for processing through Gen2 via our custom upload page on our website.


We hope you bear with us.  The transition to Gen3 is a momentous task.  We’re excited about it, and we hope you are, too. 


– Team RADiCAL