We’re excited to announce the release of our first desktop app for Mac.

The desktop app, built entirely in Unity, brings the RADiCAL Studio visualizer you’re used to seeing on your mobile apps straight to your desktop.  With it, you can access both your own results and thousand of animations available through our Explore channel.

The desktop app will also serve as the new home for Gen 3 of our AI, which we will start embedding in the desktop app in the next few months.  (See “What’s Next?” below)

For now, here’s how you get started:


What’s next? 

We’re working hard on these things:

  • Windows / Linux Apps:  We expect to release the app for Windows and Linux machines in the next few weeks.
  • Gen 3 – Embedded AI:  In 2019, we’ll start building Gen 3 of our AI into the desktop app for real-time results and on premise processing.  This also enables unmetered performance for our users.
  • Upload models: In 2019, we’ll enable you to upload your own character models, so you can your see your motion on them.
  • Expanded FBX download:  you’ll be able to download an FBX that includes both your motion and your mesh.
  • Adjust virtual environment: we’ll give you the ability to manipulate the virtual environment inside the Studio view, including landscapes, lighting, weather and more … with nothing but a graphical interface.
  • And more … we’ll let you know soon!


*     *     *


– Team RADiCAL


It’s finally here for iOS: AI-powered animation with Unity in 3D and AR.

What does that mean?

  • New  –  Our AR Viewer: see results in AR with 6DoF and Apple’s ARKit
  • New    A completely new 3D viewer we call the ‘Studio’
  • New    Explore thousands of animations our community is sharing every month
  • New    Swap characters you choose from a library of pre-loaded meshes
  • New    Toggle video and audio off and on

And no change here – it’s free on a Personal package.

See it here before you try it.

Ready to do this yourself? Get the latest iOS app here.


We’ve been getting a bit of feedback from our users complaining about notifications that their content is being reviewed, because they might “violate” our Terms of Service.

To explain: we’re using an outside service (provided by Amazon) to prevent RADiCAL from becoming an unwitting distributor of inappropriate content through our Explore channel.

Unfortunately, that early detection system misfires here and there.  To be fair, it misfires a lot.  99.99% of the videos flagged are false positives.

The protocol we have in place is that videos thus flagged are held back for review.  Typically, that review happens within seconds, sometimes a few minutes. 

So most of you won’t ever experience delays.

However, in some circumstances, we may not have the resources to support all the flagged uploads (yes, we wish we didn’t have to sleep, either), in which case it might take a bit longer to respond. 

For that, we apologize. 

Going forward, we’re working on a solution that will notify users automatically once the review has been completed, one way or another. And of course at some point we hope to have a fully automated 24/7 clearance system.

Thanks for your understanding until we get it right. 

— Team RADiCAL


Dear RADiCAL Community:

We’re excited to announce important changes to accelerate RADiCAL’s mission:

A platform for the world to create, share and explore animated 3D motion content.

Our mission rests on three pillars:  

  1. Create: We give you AI-powered 3D motion animation tools to create amazing content  
  2. Share: Share your content with the RADiCAL community
  3. Explore: Explore and download 3D motion content created by others

What does this mean for you?

We’re lowering prices, providing new creative content tools and increasing access to user content for everyone:  

  • Free accounts: we are making free accounts available to everyone. Free accounts include both free video uploads and free FBX downloads for all.  
  • Explore channel – public sharing:  public user-generated content is now accessible to the entire RADiCAL community through a new ‘Explore’ channel. If you’re on a free account, your content is shared to the RADiCAL community automatically.  If you’re on a paid account, you can selectively share only what you want to make public.
  • Secure privacy & exclusivity:  if you’d like to keep your content confidential and your licenses exclusive, you can make your uploads, visualizations and FBX results private by upgrading to a premium account starting at $8 per month. 
  • Receive feedback:  if you share your content, you can see what other RADiCAL users think of it. We count views and likes for you.  
  • FBX Downloads & Forking: like a scan that was created by another user?  You can now download their FBX results. Soon you will also be able to “fork” other users’ public scans, including their results, so you can improve on their work even further with our creative tools.
  • Commercial licenses:  if you wish to use FBX results for profit, or in a commercial project, simply upgrade to a premium account at a low fee. We offer annual and monthly subscriptions starting at $8 per month.
  • Playtime on demand:  To maximize flexibility, if you need more upload or download playtime credits, you can buy those starting at $8 per month, without recurring obligations.

Over the next few days, we will announce more details about the new content creation tools, largely powered by deep Unity integrations.

We’re excited for what’s to come. We hope you are, too.



30 Aug 2018

We’ve listened, and today we’re launching some improvements to our FBX files based upon community feedback!

We’ve cleaned up some existing issues users have reported with our motion capture downloads. We have:

  • Added a T pose at the beginning of every FBX file  
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hips to be offset at a fixed angle throughout the animation
  • Added extra nodes in the skeleton
  • Removed unnecessary, residual mesh information
  • Fixed the scale of the foot joint
  • Added a toe ball joint

All future FBX downloads will include these improvements.  

To have your historical FBX files updated, look for the “Applied AI” field beneath “About your Scan,” and click “Update Scan”.

From there you should be able to see your latest results and download the updated FBX file!

13 Aug 2018

We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. This week, we are rolling out several changes designed to help make your life easier!

We’ve added the following features to our mobile apps:

  • A countdown timer for recording new videos
  • A side menu for quicker feature access
  • Separate access to all historical and new scans inside our 3D Viewer
  • Access to your account profile

We’ve also released a bunch of bug fixes and stability improvements.

The iOS update is already out. The Android update should be available within 24 hours.

If there’s something you wanted to see on the list we didn’t get to, feel free to email us any suggestions. We’re all ears.

Sometimes, inspiration can come from places you can’t expect. Whatever the source is, we want you to be able to turn anything around you into fluid motion.

That’s why we’re introducing the ability for users to capture motion from any video, not just those captured in the RADiCAL app. Simply download the video to your phone and upload it by selecting it from within your gallery.

Using estimated sensor data produced by our AI, we can capture motion by predicting the sensor size and focal length of the camera used in the original video. We’ve seen great scans of third party content, stock footage and videos downloaded from YouTube and Vimeo. Our estimates support many use cases and have produced fantastic results already, such as the recording of Manako below, downloaded from YouTube.

Simply be mindful of the quality of the video. Try to avoid videos with low resolution, low frame rates and high compression. Lastly, please always ensure you have all the permissions or licenses necessary to upload videos from third party sources.

Upload away!




Starting today, we’re making Custom Profiles available by request.  With a Custom Profile, any camera you own can be used to capture motion with RADiCAL, regardless of make or model.

In order to get your profile set up, simply contact us by email, and provide us with the following details:

  • Camera Make  (e.g.: Sony)
  • Camera Model  (e.g.: a7R II)
  • Sensor Size: Width (e.g.: 35.9mm) x Height (e.g.: 24.0mm)

After we’ve created the custom profile, we’ll email you the details to complete the process.

Custom Profiles are priced at $250, but we’re granting significant discounts to users who approach us early. Let us know in the email if you’d like to be considered for a discount.

After your profile is set up, you’ll be given access to a web-based uploader that you can use to upload footage.

A few important announcements from RADiCAL HQ!


Our store is open

Starting today, the RADiCAL store is finally open!

You can now purchase additional playtime in the form of Pay-As-You-Go Add-Ons, or take the plunge and sign up for a Subscription.


Referrals: earn & redeem upgrade codes

Over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed more and more users spreading the word about RADiCAL through our Referral Program. In exchange for spreading the word, we’ve been giving these users access to free upgrade codes for Producer Add-On.  You can get in on the action here. For each individual friend you invite, you’ll receive an additional Add-On.

Starting now, those codes are redeemable by entering them when the Producer Add-On is selected. Just hit the PLAYTIME button to start the checkout process.   

Many of you have asked to see what other users are creating. We agree. So we’ll start giving the RADiCAL community a voice. Here’s how we’re kicking off:

We’d like to add user scans to the public RADiCAL Samples project. The more users participate, the more the community will see the full range of our technology.

If you want to contribute to RADiCAL Samples, just click here. ?

As a bonus, if we select your scan(s), we’ll give you an additional Producer Add-On for free. ?

Really look forward to your contributions!