Big news!

Today, we’ve released the RADiCAL Android app!

Simply download the app from the Play Store, sign in, and start recording. All footage will be stored in your gallery and uploaded to the RADiCAL cloud.

The app is compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

If you run into any trouble, feel free to reach out to We’d be happy to help!

We’ve recently released version 2.4.3 of the iOS app that resolves an issue that critically impacted the quality of our results for certain videos.

Specifically, if you recorded videos in a previous version of the app (2.4.2 or below) and uploaded it into our systems from your iOS gallery, rather than directly after the video is recorded, you will likely have received unstable results.

Our latest version of the app resolves this issue. We urge everyone to upgrade immediately to avoid these problems.

To update:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone
  2. Tap “Updates”
  3. Hit the Update button next to RADiCAL Motion

If you have experienced any issues with previous versions of the app, please email, and we will happily restore your Playtime account.

Over the last few days, we’ve been thrilled to see interest around our story grow, and we’re really inspired by some of the ways we’ve heard about ways people are planning on making the most out of RADiCAL.

That’s why we want to see what you’ve created so far!

Starting today, we’re running a contest to try and find the best scans from our public beta. Here’s what you have to do in order to enter:

  1. Make your scan public by clicking the share icon and enabling it.
  2. Share your scan to Twitter, making sure to mention us in the tweet (@RADiCALMotion)
  3. Use the hashtag #RADiCALBeta to enter, and check out other submissions.

The owner of the scan with the most likes by the end of next week will win a Free Creator Subscription for ONE YEAR.

Don’t miss out on this chance to earn free motion capture!

We are proud to announce a partnership with Sketchfab to allow users to access their scan previews how they want, where they want.

Starting today, any RADiCAL user can navigate to any scan page and link a new or existing Sketchfab account. On both platforms they can then review Sketchfab previews of all their captured motion. This allows users to harness both the power of Sketchfab’s community of animators and designers along with RADiCAL’s seamless ability to capture motion.

Our goal has always been to provide more freedom for creators, and we think that the ability to bridge both communities brings us closer to that vision. We can’t wait to see what that fusion will create.

For more on the partnership, check out Sketchfab’s blog for details.

11 May 2018

Every day, we’re learning how to improve RADiCAL for our users. Since the launch of the public beta we’ve gotten fantastic feedback, and want to highlight how we’re incorporating what you’ve let us know.

Here’s what’s on our plate:

  • FBX Downloads: All motion will be ready for download within a few weeks. It’s our top priority.
  • Android app: We’re pushing for a release within a few weeks, and will make it available as soon as it’s ready for use.
  • Failed scans: While failure causes vary, we’ve identified several causes and reduced their frequency. In the future we will notify you if we detect your scan has failed, and provide additional guidance on what to do. Failed scans will never cost any Playtime.
  • Latency Issues: With all the attention we’ve received, we’ve had to spin up more resources in order to handle the uptick in scans. You should experience vastly reduced waiting times.
  • Preview Issues: A recent update to the site caused several Firefox users to have problems loading preview data. Clearing your cache and restarting your browser should solve the problem. Let us know if the issue persists.
  • Login / Registration: Our registration menu was erroneously listing emails entered for the first time as having been used before. This should now be resolved.
  • Custom Profiles: Once FBX files are ready, we’ll start to roll out custom uploaders for those looking for another way to upload. If you think this is you, reach out to us.
  • Multiple Cameras / Actors: Capturing multiple figures in a scene at once and using multiple cameras are both possible and in our plans, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to test.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, always feel free to reach out to us!

We’re all ears.


03 May 2018

We’re really excited about some of the early results we’re seeing out of our AI on challenging dance motion. No sensors or hardware here, just unpolished, untouched AI.

Starting today, you can invite your network to join RADiCAL. In return, we’ll give you a free Creator Add-On for each friend that accepts your invite! No purchase necessary for either of you.

Each Creator Add-On gives you free video upload and FBX file download playtime for your scans. Simply navigate to the user menu in the upper right hand corner, and select the button labeled “Free Playtime”:

From there, you can share your referral link on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and by email. We’ve gone ahead and written an email you can send out to multiple people at once, or you can take your time and write out the message however you’d like!

Once a user registers after clicking the link you’ve sent, you’ll receive an upgrade code. When our store opens up in a few weeks’ time, that upgrade will be redeemable, giving you free playtime, no credit card required!

Make sure you spread the word!

With our public beta now underway, we want to chart our journey towards our full release. This public beta lays the groundwork to move forward, and gives us vital user feedback.

To get to our full release, hopefully within a matter of weeks, we’ve got a few goals we’d like to accomplish. Here’s what we’re adding:

  • Motion: we’re improving the stability of our motion, reducing jitter and making sure that the feet are solidly placed on the floor. And yes, we’re also adding a floor!
  • FBX download: We’re finalizing the output format. Soon you will be able to download an FBX file that you can use to animate your own 3D characters (including for previously uploaded footage).
  • Android support: Since nearly any camera can capture footage usable by our AI, any  smartphone can and should support motion capture, no matter the make or model. Adding Android is another giant step towards that goal.

We’ll be adding more detail about every feature right here on the Change log.

Until then, every suggestion and user feedback helps us learn and improve. Feel free to reach out to us any time.

RADiCAL is AI-powered 3D motion capture. No suits, no hardware, no setup. Right from your phone.

Today, we are launching the latest generation of our AI (we call it Gen 2.5) through a free public beta for users across 3D animation, 3D graphics and 3D content creation, including AR & VR. Though we still have to do a little more rocket science to adjust all our dials, we’re counting down to our full liftoff soon after that.

Starting today, you can create and preview 3D motion capture scans through our web and mobile apps.

Gen 2.5 is focused on basic mobility. Basic mobility means conventional gesturing, stepping, walking and other movement from left to right, rooted in standing and sitting motion. Within those categories, you can get more nuanced: we have seen great results with full 360 turns, basic dance and the expression of different moods (happiness, etc.) through motion.

To get the most out of this release, just a few tips:

  • Record at 120 FPS — 60 FPS for slow, simple motion / 240 FPS for fast, complex motion
  • Place your phone on a tripod (or a flat surface)
  • Record a single person at a time

Because this is about basic mobility, go easy on non-conventional, complex motion, such as athletics (squatting, jumping, rolling across a floor, push-ups, etc.), fighting and intricate dance, as well as long walks into depth.

You will need our latest iOS App for Gen 2.5, so make sure to download it. (We’ll release an Android App shortly.) As ever, check out our Learn section for more detail about achieving best results.

Play nicely, and you’ll get best results!

Until then, scan away, and don’t be shy. We’re here to help.

A quick note from the team at RADiCAL:

We have decided to temporarily open our doors to public registration and use of a trimmed-down generation of our AI technology.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made on our web app, and we think our users should have a swing at it now. A new version of our iOS app is available for free download as well.

Just come straight in – it’s free, too. We’d love your feedback. Every little bit helps us improve.

There are limitations that come with this release. In a few days, we are releasing the full version of our AI, which will feature the following improvements:

  • 3D space: In addition to human motion in 3D, our next AI release will reconstruct the space around the actor, too
  • Releasing the hips:  We will no longer fix the character’s hips, allowing for fewer distortions.
  • Speed:  You should expect to see our AI produce much faster results.