We’re excited to announce the release of our first desktop app for Mac.

The desktop app, built entirely in Unity, brings the RADiCAL Studio visualizer you’re used to seeing on your mobile apps straight to your desktop.  With it, you can access both your own results and thousand of animations available through our Explore channel.

The desktop app will also serve as the new home for Gen 3 of our AI, which we will start embedding in the desktop app in the next few months.  (See “What’s Next?” below)

For now, here’s how you get started:


What’s next? 

We’re working hard on these things:

  • Windows / Linux Apps:  We expect to release the app for Windows and Linux machines in the next few weeks.
  • Gen 3 – Embedded AI:  In 2019, we’ll start building Gen 3 of our AI into the desktop app for real-time results and on premise processing.  This also enables unmetered performance for our users.
  • Upload models: In 2019, we’ll enable you to upload your own character models, so you can your see your motion on them.
  • Expanded FBX download:  you’ll be able to download an FBX that includes both your motion and your mesh.
  • Adjust virtual environment: we’ll give you the ability to manipulate the virtual environment inside the Studio view, including landscapes, lighting, weather and more … with nothing but a graphical interface.
  • And more … we’ll let you know soon!


*     *     *


– Team RADiCAL


It’s finally here for iOS: AI-powered animation with Unity in 3D and AR.

What does that mean?

  • New  –  Our AR Viewer: see results in AR with 6DoF and Apple’s ARKit
  • New    A completely new 3D viewer we call the ‘Studio’
  • New    Explore thousands of animations our community is sharing every month
  • New    Swap characters you choose from a library of pre-loaded meshes
  • New    Toggle video and audio off and on

And no change here – it’s free on a Personal package.

See it here before you try it.

Ready to do this yourself? Get the latest iOS app here.


30 Aug 2018

We’ve listened, and today we’re launching some improvements to our FBX files based upon community feedback!

We’ve cleaned up some existing issues users have reported with our motion capture downloads. We have:

  • Added a T pose at the beginning of every FBX file  
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hips to be offset at a fixed angle throughout the animation
  • Added extra nodes in the skeleton
  • Removed unnecessary, residual mesh information
  • Fixed the scale of the foot joint
  • Added a toe ball joint

All future FBX downloads will include these improvements.  

To have your historical FBX files updated, look for the “Applied AI” field beneath “About your Scan,” and click “Update Scan”.

From there you should be able to see your latest results and download the updated FBX file!

Several exciting developments to report from the last few weeks at RADiCAL HQ!

  • RADiCAL Gen 2.6 & FBX Download: available now as a free prototyping tool
  • RADiCAL Gen 3: coming soon
  • Unity SDK for AR Apps: coming soon

Below is more detail on each of those developments.


RADiCAL Gen 2.6 & FBX Downloads — for free prototyping:

We have decided to make our current AI Gen 2.6 available as a prototyping tool for the film, TV, gaming and XR industries.  Gen 2.6 will be available for free to everyone within reasonable limits.  (Power users that need more playtime will be able to upgrade their accounts.)  

The FBX download feature for Gen 2.6 will be made available to a limited number of beta users today. Please look out for an email. First come, first serve. We then expect to expand the download feature to all users for free within a week.  


RADiCAL Gen 3 — for production pipelines:

We’ve also started working on the development of a completely new generation of our AI we’re calling RADiCAL Gen 3.  We’re proud of the results we’re delivering with our current AI, but we want to go above and beyond to allow our product to match the high expectations of professional pipelines with Gen 3.

Gen 3 will utilize advances in our science to capture results with more organic, fluid and expressive motion (including better footlock) than ever before.



With the launch of our SDK, you will soon be able to integrate our motion into your Unity workflow simply by installing our plugin, entering your credentials, and adding our motion to your apps. (Unreal will follow soon thereafter.)

Whether you’re trying to make the next great AR experience or use our motion in the next groundbreaking mobile game, we want to help! Creating apps that use RADiCAL Motion should be as seamless as the capturing process itself.


*          *          *


As we get closer to release of both our SDK and RADiCAL Gen3, we’ll clue you in about pricing and availability information. Until then, keep your eyes on the changelog and your email inbox for more features and tricks for using RADiCAL!

With our public beta now underway, we want to chart our journey towards our full release. This public beta lays the groundwork to move forward, and gives us vital user feedback.

To get to our full release, hopefully within a matter of weeks, we’ve got a few goals we’d like to accomplish. Here’s what we’re adding:

  • Motion: we’re improving the stability of our motion, reducing jitter and making sure that the feet are solidly placed on the floor. And yes, we’re also adding a floor!
  • FBX download: We’re finalizing the output format. Soon you will be able to download an FBX file that you can use to animate your own 3D characters (including for previously uploaded footage).
  • Android support: Since nearly any camera can capture footage usable by our AI, any  smartphone can and should support motion capture, no matter the make or model. Adding Android is another giant step towards that goal.

We’ll be adding more detail about every feature right here on the Change log.

Until then, every suggestion and user feedback helps us learn and improve. Feel free to reach out to us any time.

RADiCAL is AI-powered 3D motion capture. No suits, no hardware, no setup. Right from your phone.

Today, we are launching the latest generation of our AI (we call it Gen 2.5) through a free public beta for users across 3D animation, 3D graphics and 3D content creation, including AR & VR. Though we still have to do a little more rocket science to adjust all our dials, we’re counting down to our full liftoff soon after that.

Starting today, you can create and preview 3D motion capture scans through our web and mobile apps.

Gen 2.5 is focused on basic mobility. Basic mobility means conventional gesturing, stepping, walking and other movement from left to right, rooted in standing and sitting motion. Within those categories, you can get more nuanced: we have seen great results with full 360 turns, basic dance and the expression of different moods (happiness, etc.) through motion.

To get the most out of this release, just a few tips:

  • Record at 120 FPS — 60 FPS for slow, simple motion / 240 FPS for fast, complex motion
  • Place your phone on a tripod (or a flat surface)
  • Record a single person at a time

Because this is about basic mobility, go easy on non-conventional, complex motion, such as athletics (squatting, jumping, rolling across a floor, push-ups, etc.), fighting and intricate dance, as well as long walks into depth.

You will need our latest iOS App for Gen 2.5, so make sure to download it. (We’ll release an Android App shortly.) As ever, check out our Learn section for more detail about achieving best results.

Play nicely, and you’ll get best results!

Until then, scan away, and don’t be shy. We’re here to help.

A quick note from the team at RADiCAL:

We have decided to temporarily open our doors to public registration and use of a trimmed-down generation of our AI technology.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made on our web app, and we think our users should have a swing at it now. A new version of our iOS app is available for free download as well.

Just come straight in – it’s free, too. We’d love your feedback. Every little bit helps us improve.

There are limitations that come with this release. In a few days, we are releasing the full version of our AI, which will feature the following improvements:

  • 3D space: In addition to human motion in 3D, our next AI release will reconstruct the space around the actor, too
  • Releasing the hips:  We will no longer fix the character’s hips, allowing for fewer distortions.
  • Speed:  You should expect to see our AI produce much faster results.