17 Jul 2018

Summary:  We are looking for a Unity developer to help on the following projects: 

  • move from Blender (Python) to Unity a process to customize a rig and programmatically bake an animation to produce an FBX file
  • cross-platform AR app development in Unity
  • develop a Unity SDK for our customers in AR/VR app development

Academic Qualifications:  N/A

Skills: Experience with animating rigs and a very good understanding of 3D geometry are required.

Software: Unity3D, C#, Blender, Python,

Experience: Unity certification preferred. 
At least 3 years of Unity development experience.

Location: US (NYC) / Europe / remote for the right candidate.

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If you’re interested, please get in touch here:  careers@getrad.co

We look forward to hearing from you!