RADiCAL for education

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What you need to know.

  • Who: This is the enrollment page for current students, faculty members and administrators of ArtCenter College of Design (the “school”).
  • What: The school is providing you with access to a Professional package (the “ArtCenter subscription”) through the RADiCAL platform.
  • Unique code: to enroll, you will create or use your own personal account, but you must use a unique code provided to you by the school. If you don’t have a code, please get in touch with the school’s relevant faculty member.
  • Re-enrollment: your enrollment is valid until the subscription term end date. After that date, you can confirm your ongoing enrollment with a new unique code or continue the account on your own accord.
  • Legal: your use of the ArtCenter subscription is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the school’s agreement with RADiCAL.

Professional / Education

$ 0 .00 / mo.


1 (non-transferable)

FBX Downloads


Animation & Visualization (cloud)

180 mins / mo.

Private scenes

Commercial license

Community access

Cloud storage

250 GB

Subscription end date

3 months